Friday, September 05, 2008

Sermon Audio - HOSEA: In Defense of God's Love

This is the THIRD in a series of FOUR on the Minor Prophets. Click for online sermon:

The Prophet HOSEA: In Defense of God's Love.

Here is a brief introduction to the man:

Hosea prophesied during dark days of Israel's history, the period of the Northern Kingdom's decline and fall to Assyria in the 8thc BC (c750-c715BC). The apostasy of the people was rampant, having turned away from Yahweh in order to serve the calf idol (8.4-6) and Baal, a Canaanite god of fertility (11:2).

All of that is interesting. But here is the bizarre thing: Hosea has the dubious honor of being the only prophet told to marry a prostitute...!

Find out why by doing some reading.


Read Hosea 1.
  • Why is Hosea told to marry a prostitute?
  • What is God communicating about Israel?
Read Hosea 3.
  • Why is Hosea told to go and 'love a woman who is loved by another man and is an adulteress'?
  • How does he 'win her back'?
  • What is God communicating about himself?
Read Hosea 11.
  • Describe the heart of God.
  • What do you think it means when God says: "My heart recoils within me"?
Read Hosea 14:1-7.
  • What kind of response does this kind of love evoke?

Pic is of the Hosea Commentary Scroll, from the Dead Sea Scrolls, and includes the text of Hosea 2:8-12.


Finite Rex said...

The beauty of the covenant. God loves us no matter what we are. There is no way we can be perfect this side of heaven; hopefully, we are not prostitutes, but other sin is just as bad. However, we are seen through Christ and His perfection by God. We are His. Hosea is a beatiful picture of God loving Isreal, even though she has "whored" herself to other nations. She must now repent.

Hosea 3 is a great picture of redemption. There is a cost to our sin. God, Christ paid that cost for us.

Thanks for making us think about Hosea.

Justin said...

Thanks finite rex