Friday, September 19, 2008

Sermon Audio: Romans 13:8-14 -- Take on New Debt

Here is a sermon to roast. 25 Minutes on Romans 13:8-14 which begins with "Owe no one anything, except the debt to love one another."

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Sermon Audio: Romans 13:8-14 -- How Shall I live?

One of the great questions a human being can ask himself, or herself, is this: How shall I live? From sun up to sun down, and then from sun down to sun up, what is required of me?

Now, like you, I breathe, I eat, I work, I play, I sleep, I read, watch TV and listen to my iPod. But these are activities I do without much thought. They are things I just do. I do them just because I want to do them. Or because someone else wants me to do them.

But I often do these things without asking the larger question: How shall I live?

Have you realized how few gatherings in this city there are that meet specifically & regularly to answer that question? There are lots of work meetings and training events; there are meetings designed for pleasure, art, networking and sport; there are of places to eat; to gather to sit and soak up the city. You can occasionally go to a self-help seminar, which is kind of about how to live.

But getting up one morning each week and dedicating your heart to how we live? Well, churches are one of the few places that do that.

When I went into the ministry – age 22 -- someone asked me: How do you feel informing people older than you how to live their lives?

And my answer is – I don’t – I don’t feel comfortable. But the truth is that I don’t tell people how to live their lives. Jesus does. And that is why we read the Bible here at Christ Church NYC. And, together with you, I seek to find the Bible’s meaning for life.

And that is what Romans 12-16 is all about.

LISTEN HERE. But first, read the Text Romans 13:8-14.

There is some brief stuff on handling debt there in the early part of the talk. What a troubling verse that is: "Owe no one anything!"

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