Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello Fiona from Scotland...

I wrote some Lent Bible Studies a few years back. You can download them by Clicking HERE. They are just Bible Studies on Mark 10-16. A person I don't know called Fiona from Scotland sent me this email yesterday:
Dear Justin,

Just letting you know as requested that I downloaded your Bible Studies and Daily Readings for Lent on Mark from the internet. I really wanted to do a committed focus on Christ this year between Lent and Easter but much of the stuff I found on the web was quite Catholic in style (I love Catholics, though!) and I didn't understand the liturgies, etc. Your study is so good. I've only done one night so far with a friend but it really released the power of the Holy Spirit to us and we were hugely blessed. I have forwarded the material to a few other friends, too.

I live in Scotland with my husband and family.

We hope it will encourage you to know that you are blessing and helping the body of Christ to know more of Him worldwide! We send you every blessing in Christ Jesus for a precious and blessed Easter time.

Kindest regards,
Good to be of service!

Pic on Flickr by igd.

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