Saturday, February 14, 2009

Induction Reviews.

Thanks to all who came to the Induction Service last Thursday. If you want to download the order of service, you can do that HERE. And HERE is our website, in case you haven't seen it. It needs work, as everyone says, but it's a start.
  • And HERE is a review of the night by Michael Kellahan with five highlights of the evening.
  • And HERE is a a post from my new friend Dave Miers called: Moffatt now Ramblin' in Sydney Again.
  • And HERE. Its always good to get some Blog love from Craig Schwarze.
  • UPDATE: Shane writes a review too. HERE.
Of course, now the work begins...



SeaPea said...

that "one way" sign on the website looks just like NY's! did someone take it from here?

Dan Anderson said...

Hey SeaPea,
I took that photo of the One Way sign right across the road from St Philip's - you can see that it's attached to a sign saying 'York St' - it's the nearest large intersection to the Church. Other images in the header include: a group of people from the Church having pizza at the Australia Hotel, down the road from Church, and a photo of the back of my wife (right of shot), riding her scooter along Pitt St, another major city street.
I don't know, maybe NY has been ripping us off?

Clifford Swartz said...

Hurray for your new venture in the Lord!

I think the new profile photo lends a certain extra gravitas as well.