Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An invitation to Pray in the City (Thurs 1:10PM)

Laurel and I arrived into Sydney last week, into a country in the middle of a devastating firestorm: it is hard to imagine how it feels in rural Victoria right now.  I read today that there may be 300 dead.

I have the key to St Philip's Church Hill in the city. And I have time free tomorrow. Join me and others in prayer and quiet reflection at the church (3 York St, Sydney). If you work in the city, especially at the northern end of the city, then you are welcome to join us. This may also be something for your workmates, who struggle to understand. There will be ways to contribute to the victims at the service.

3 York St 

That evening at 7PM, I will be inducted as Rector (commissioned as Senior Minister) of St Philip's, Church Hill.  The Wardens are planning to take a collection for the victims (all money will be given to the Archbishop's Emergency Bushfire Appeal.)

If you are in the southern end of the city, you may prefer to pray at St Andrews at 1PM on Thursday lunchtime. Or 6PM tonight. The Cathedral's details are HERE.

Photo by Craig Abraham at the SMH.


Kathleen Foster said...

I'm praying from California. For all the victims and their families and also for the arsonists. There are so many things I struggle to comprehend in this world.

Cameron and Alex Grey Jones said...
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Cameron and Alex Grey Jones said...

Your friends in Belfast are praying for you.

Giraffe Pen (기린 만년필) said...

This is such a sad time for our country now... I wish I was there in Sydney to attend the service.