Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Invitation to my friends (February 12 at 7PM)

Join Dr Laurel, the kiddos and me for a commissioning at York St. We begin our new ministry to the city of Sydney with prayer. The Invitation comes from the Wardens of St Philips' York St. And Bishop Rob Forsyth will be present and preaching.
  • February 12, 2009 7PM
  • Service at St Philips' Church Hill. 3 York St, Sydney, Australia.
  • RSVP by Feb 9 to Doreen by emailing her HERE. Or by calling: +612 9247 1071.
Supper and Jazz at 1 York Street foyer after the service.

Here is what we are doing:

We are moving from ├╝ber-urban to urban. From the city of Manhattan, to the city of Sydney. We are swapping the Lower East Side for Downtown Sydney. From New York to York St.

Leaving Manhattan has not dampened our enthusiasm for the city. Sydney and New York are different, but the city is still where extraordinary things happen. It is where people live and come to work and play, day and night. The city is where the homeless find anonymity and perhaps shelter. The city is where government sits and art is displayed. There are 38,000 people who live near St Philips. There are more men living there than women, and the average age is 29. From this central place, there could be a central faith.

This will be neither church planting, nor missionary service, but at times it may feel like both.

So we value your prayers and support.

Don't forget to RSVP.



Edmo of the No-Blog said...

Is it true that the appointment of an Anglican minister as Rector of a church is called an "Augmentation"? As in, come and see Reverend Moffatt's augmentation"?

Anonymous said...

my understanding is that, as it's an induction, the correct phrase is "come along and see Reverend Moffatt induced."

Justin said...

I struggled with the right words to describe what Rob Forsyth will actually do to me?



Heather said...

Rectors are inducted while bishops are enthroned!

Matthew said...

Hi, Justin. Hope everyone is settling well in Sydney. Bet you are already missing the cold winds and slushy sidewalks of NYC!

RodeoClown said...

I think Rectors get inductrinated.

Hope the night went well Justin, sorry I couldn't make it.

Brandon said...

Did I mention how proud of am of you all!?