Sunday, January 25, 2009

E.B. Reames: Art on Friday (#11)

UPDATE: We have just now moved from NYC to Atlanta, where we are finally catching our breath. We are spending time with Dr Laurel's family, before flying en route to Sydney via San Francisco next week for a weekend break. Then we arrive into Sydney, God willing, on February 4th. In the meantime, this is E.B. Reames Art on Friday Number 11, for your viewing pleasure.

This one is called: "Aspen Autumn."

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Jenny said...

This one is gorgeous. I love the colours.

Glad you are able to have a break on the way back.

Anonymous said...

From a reader in California:

I love the Friday painting, by the way. That's exactly how it looked when we were up at Lake Tahoe last October -- the aspens were red/gold. Just beautiful. She captures it wonderfully well.

MLK1973 said...

That's a painting? It looks like a photo! Gorgeous.