Thursday, January 08, 2009

...the man exploded...

I ended up at Redeemer Presbyterian last Sunday night. The family was walking past Hunter College with our friends Nathan and Mira. Nathan and I stayed for half the service. Dr Laurel went home, and The Little Man was with me, so we couldn't be there until the end...

But there was enough time for this to take place:

The preacher mentioned Adam's song, from Genesis 2, in which Adam sang with joy when he was shown Eve ("This is now bone of my bones; flesh of my flesh etc").
Preacher (with The Little Man listening):
"And when Adam sees Eve, he explodes into song!"
The Little Man (after a minute):
"Daddy, can you tell me again why the man exploded?"
I hope he wasn't picturing someone like Mr Creosote...


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Betsy said...

Judging from my experience with little boys, you can guarantee that that is exactly what he had in mind. Aren't little boys great!