Friday, January 09, 2009

An update on our Move to Sydney

So many people have asked, so I thought I'd provide an update on our comings and goings. We are, as you know, moving to the Antipodes. You can read the Sydney Anglican Media article as well.

This Sunday (Jan 11) is our official farewell from Christ Church NYC. We will be farewelled in the morning and evening services. I am preaching my last sermon at Christ Church at Evening Prayer. The topic will be Jesus. Nice. (From Mark 1:4-11). I can't think of anyone better to talk about in my final sermon in NYC. Better than talking about yourself on your last week!

It's John the Baptist pointing away from himself, and onto Jesus his Lord, 'the strap of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie'. And calling for repentance.

Then we begin the process of moving. It may take some weeks. So I may be at Christ Church for a couple of Sundays after that. But we hope to be in Sydney in the last week of January. But there are no guarantees as yet. As James says, this is only if the Lord wills it.

(People have asked about the lease on our apartment: we are still looking for someone to take over our lease. This is something that is easier to resolve if we are still in NYC, rather than in Sydney. But we trust God. You can pray about that!)

I'll keep posting 200 Words when I can...



Eun said...

exciting! will be keeping your family and apartment lease in prayer.

Reuben Kincaid said...

A pre-emptive welcome!!

You'll love Sydney. I reckon it's the best place in the world - but I'm biased!!

Turns said...

It will be good to have you back, Mr Moffatt.

Peter and Anna Milner said...

Dear Justin,

I have appreciated your friendship and encouragement. I am so happy that you are following the lead of the Lord.

Let me know when you get to Sydney. I would love to come over.

Peter Milner
5304 Cedarwood Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27609

Finite Rex said...

You are going to be missed. Australia's gain is the US' loss. Shelby and I are praying for you as you travel home. We wish you the best. Please keep posting your sermons on-line.

Elisabeth said...

Justin, I just recently found your blog through Erica P.'s new blog -

I can't believe you're moving to Sydney but that's so exciting! New York has been so blessed to have had you and I know that I can speak for the rest of the NYU Navigators community when I say that your talks with us have meant so much.

Best of luck in Australia -I'll definitely look you up if I ever get to go down under (which is on my to-do list, by the way!)