Friday, July 17, 2009

E.B. Reames Art on Friday (#12)

E.B.Reames is Dr Laurel's mom. She is an Artist in Atlanta. She is here in Sydney at the moment, for which we are thankful.

NEWS: The renovations on our city apartment were finished on Tuesday, and we believe that we will soon be living in the best rectory in Sydney! :)

We are waiting on carpets. But (and here is great news), our belongings were delivered this morning, six months *to the day* that were packed up in New York City. E.B.Reames is, as we type, helping to put the kitchen together.

This post is in honour of her spirit of service!
  • This picture is called 'Sonoma Winery'.
  • Email Beth if you wish to ask any questions, or buy her art: HERE.
  • See all the other posts HERE.
  • Or visit the E.B.Reames website: HERE.


rd said...

happy unpacking ... I wonder what surprises are in store for you and you unpack, ie things you'd forgotten you had.

Anonymous said...

Need any help moving on Sat am, Bernie?