Thursday, July 02, 2009

York Street Forum TODAY only (The Baartz' on Marriage)

Just sent this email out to some who work in the northern part of the City. Thought I'd make this forum more widely known:

Marriage is wonderful, and marriage is tough. It’s especially tough if you are working, you’ve got kids, a mortgage, and everything else.

We want to be of service to you. Today: Andrew and Rachel Baartz are our guests, as they speak on Marriage. I heard their thoughts on Tuesday, and it is great stuff.

Andrew and Rachel Baartz were on the ministry team at St. Philip's during the 1990's. While serving the business community and executives, a significant appetite for the application of the Bible to marriages became very apparent. Now, while involved in technology businesses, they have continued serving the business community, particularly in the area of marriage and relationships.

There are many different people who receive this email: some are married, some are single. Some are divorced, some are remarried. Some are struggling, some are not. Some who know family or friends who are about to get married. Either way, it’s good to hear simple and practical ways in which to make marriage work, especially if you are working hard!

Here is a link to the Study: The Resurrection and the Sanctity of Marriage.

Our York Street Forum are at 3 York St, Sydney, and our times are:
  • 12.40PM-1.15PM TUESDAYS
  • 1.10PM-1.45PM THURSDAYS
For more thoughts on marriage, I was interviewed last week on marriage by the Sydney Morning Herald. The article is called What Men want in a Wife. (Scroll down for my interview)

Pic on Flickr by CHAUSS513.


RodeoClown said...

This was really good on Tuesday - I'm going to come along again today :)

Mark said...

Looks great Justin. Is this a talk + discussion? If so, is the talk going to be recorded?

Justin said...

Might try to record...

Mark said...

Much appreciated Justin, but don't hurt yourself in doing it!

RodeoClown said...

Hi Mark,

I saw Justin put his phone on the stand, so I think he may have recorded it. Not sure how it would have come out, it's pretty noisy there.

It was good though (again).

Mark said...

Anything is better than what I have at the moment :)

Justin said...

Ahhh, recording didn't work!

Mark said...

No problemo.

Matthew Moffitt said...

Found the Bonhoeffer quote helpful.