Friday, July 10, 2009

Help! Games at a Kids Party

What are the best games for a kids party? Ages 3-6?

Nominate your game, or tell your story here...

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RodeoClown said...

Haave the party at a park, then the kids will run around for an hour before you even have to think about games.

Works well for us :)

Brett Peatman said...

Try pass the parcel, bull rush, a colouring competition, puzzles, lego, a soccer goal scoring competition ...almost anything so long as you can explain simply what they have to do.

Jo Hill said...

Hey Justin,
Kids parties and games is something i have lots of experience in! In the past I have generally chosen a theme and run the games around that. E.g. The old pin the tail on the donkey you can adapt to all sorts of things...stick the tail on the dinosaur, the mermaid, wings on the fairy etc; We even did stick the mud on the blind man's eyes at EV Kids once. I usually have some sort of simple craft actvity for kids to do as they arrive, and then when everyone is there move on to other games. Kids of that age love pass the parcel, and treasure hunts. Add in another running around game to burn off energy,like duck,duck goose, musical statues, or a relay race of some sort and your done. Email me if you want some specifics. I've done dinosaur, space, fairy, underwater (my favourite), and a fairytale theme all for that age group.

rd said...

Musical statues ... you won't even need to explain the rules. You don't need chairs.

Biggest rule in playing kids games ... a quick one is a good one.

Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

here's a very simple game : Get a pack of Smarties, put one of each colour on a plate. Choose one kid to go out, while away all the other kids nominate one smartie to be the colour eg the red one. Send kid back in. They have to guess which Smartie has been nominated. Each one they pick that is wrong they get to eat. Bad luck if they pick the right one first. May sound boring but kids LOVE it.