Friday, October 09, 2009

ACL Links: How do they choose what to link?

Keep reading Dr Laurel's Post on why you need to read the Bible to understand Shakespeare. She is one smart cookie.

In the meantime: I'm right now making sure I'm a paid up and contributing member of the Anglican Church League. I've been back in Sydney a few months, and now its time! I'm looking forward to it. We've got Synod in a few weeks.

But I do have a comment about the ACL external links on their front page -- they have a kind of Blog. But its interesting what they choose to link. I understand why they link all the Anglican stuff -- Bob Duncan, GAFCON, Global South etc.

But it's interesting then that most other links are to US Reformed Baptists -- Dever, Carson, Piper etc. And very little links to our own local guys. I've seen links to Moore Lecturers: Mike Jensen, Andrew Shead, Mark Thompson, Con Campbell. But not a lot from them.

Would love to understand that. Will ask as I get involved.




Matthew Moffitt said...

Colin Mackellar is the webmaster, ask him.

David Ould said...

Hi Justin,

We've made a point of linking to specific stories of interest to our members that they wouldn't get elsewhere (or, at least, were less likely to get).

Most of all, that means a higher level of coverage of international Anglican affairs.

of course, you will also want to come visit us at Stand Firm!

Justin said...

David -- I think the Anglican stuff is great. That makes sense. But it feels top heavy with American + Baptist + Reformed (and a particular kind of Reformed, too).

byron smith said...

David, forgive me if I have misunderstood, but did you think that Justin was asking why you would link to Anglican news on an Anglican site? It seems your answer assumed the very thing that Justin was questioning: that news about certain non-Sydney Baptists and Reformed would be as relevant/interesting/useful to Sydney Anglicans as Anglican news.

David Ould said...

hi Byron,

Yes, you're right - I've missed the point of the question.

Why the Reformed/Baptist stuff? I think it's no more sophisticated than simply because they're our theological friends and we're interested in what they've got to say.

is there something missing that people would like to see more of?

Justin said...

I reckon ACL should be putting up more local Anglican Content, rather than US Baptist content. There are plenty of good things being said. I'd start with your Blog, David!

David Ould said...

too kind, Justin.

I don't make the choice on content but I think that the rationale is that local stuff is already covered well here.

Still, let me have a word.... ;-)