Saturday, October 03, 2009

Boba Fett, Bounty Hunting and Yoda

Conversation today in the car about Star Wars:
Daddy, who is 'Boba Fett'?
Me: He's a Bounty Hunter.

Daddy, what is a Bounty Hunter?
Me: A person who chases people for cashola.

Daddy, who is cashola?
Me: Cashola is green, and lots of people like it.

Daddy, so is Yoda cashola?


Mark said...

Nothing to do with Boba Fett or cashola, but a lot to do with y-o-d-a YODA. Enjoy.

Jasmine said...

So Yoda's been behind it all the whole time! So much for bringing peace to the galaxy... :)

Craig Schafer said...

Do people really say cashola?

More to the point do you really say cashola?

Justin said...

We all do, Mr Schafer. We all do.

byron smith said...

I'm less worried about "cashola" than the assumption that it is always green. You've been in the States too long!