Friday, April 16, 2010

Those African Americans know how to preach

The cleaner -- a top guy -- and I just watched this in my office -- Little Hogwarts.

Keep watching to the end.

Man -- they don't preach like this any more.




Matthew Moffitt said...

Ian Powell played a recording of this a few years book at an EU Public Meeting on Hebrews. It was cool.

gbroughto said...

to reverse a well-know ad for a credit card:

the poetry of the preaching? priceless
the graphic gestures? about $200 for Adobe flash
the soothing sounds of soft, white Christian rock in the backgroud? worthless

I LOVE the rhythm of his preaching... there MUST be a way to turn that irritating guitar off?

annie said...

I wish I could describe him to you...


elizabeth said...

hey justin! it's elizabeth lindquist. i really like this video. i had heard it once before, but forgot about it. thank for posting it and reminding me of my powerful King.

Sharon said...

A bunch of class 4 children learnt this off by heart and recited it as a chorus poem a few years ago at the school Easter assembly....they did a great job, and it was the only year out of the last 7 years that I had a parent complain :)