Friday, April 23, 2010

Sermon Series in Evening: Sermon on the Mount

A Friend of mine became a Christian by reading Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. He said that "Finally, someone wasn't changing the goal posts!" He said: "Reading Jesus is like looking into the eyes of God and falling in." So we are going to spend a fair amount of time just really meditating on each part of it. What do you think?

11 April: (M 5:1-12)
Looking into the Eyes of God

18 April: (M 5:13-17)
Salt of the Earth

25 April: (M 5:20-26, 43-48)
Surpassing Anger and Enemies

2 May: Speaker: Huw Jones
The Reason for Music

9 May: (M 5:27-30, 33-37)
Surpassing Lust and Lies

16 May: (M 5:31-32)
Surpassing Divorce

23 May: (M 6:1-4)
Taking Care: Poverty

30 May: (M 6:5-18)
Taking Care: Prayer

6 June: (M 6:19-24)
Taking Care: Money

13 June: (M 6:25-34)
Taking Care: Anxiety

20 June: (M 7:1-6)
Taking Care: Judgmentalism

27 June: (M 7:7-14)
Two Paths: Finding the Right One

4 July: (M 7:15-20)
Two Trees: Discovering the Nourishing One

11 July: (M 7:21-23)
Tough Words and Authenticity

18 July: (M 7:24-27)
Two Foundations: Building a Confident Foundation


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