Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Little Man on a World Stage [Poll included]

Winston Churchill

Ronald Reagan

Which of these can The Boy pick out of a Crowd?
Abe Lincoln

Robert Menzies

Winston Churchill

Ronald Reagan

Current results

The Boy can pick one particular World Leader out of a crowd .

And only one.

He not only can say this leader's name, but he says it repeatedly. We say to him -- Go and find 'x', [where ‘x’ is the particular Leader]. And he will sift through a pile of books, find the relevant one, open the relevant page, and point to him. Where upon he proudly announces his name.

Which world leader do you think it is?
Take the [three days only] poll.
And make a comment telling us why you think what you think.

Hint: The Leader’s surname is disyllabic.

Love, Justin.


Camel said...

I'm choosin Reagan. Not sure why. Just got a feeling. I am thinking it would have to be a US President and I'm thinking MAYBE more pictures of Reagan. Those are my powers of deduction at their finest at 1234am.

dave traill said...

lincoln, because of his beard.

wish it was menzies though, being an aussie.

JT said...

Lincoln's got the beard, Raegan's got the alliteration... Can this clearly genius child (I could only pick 1 from 4 too so he must be a genius) pronounce TRIsyllabic names or is 'Abraham' too hard for him?

What the hey, I'm going for Raegan. He reminds me of point break.

chelsea said...

I'm going for good ol Abe Lincoln.
2 reasons - Abe is a good name for a little kiddy to say, and i enjoyed learning about him in History when i lived in the states hehehe...
ok so i'm slightly biased....

hope you and the fam are well Justin! :)

michael jensen said...

I can't believe I just wasted my time doing this...

Justin said...

You haven't wasted your time, MPJ.

You have shared an experience.