Thursday, April 13, 2006

Redemption from the Bosom of the Pacific

A post by popular request.

Indeed, my Pajero [Montero for our US visitors] was almost lost to the bosom of the Pacific Ocean. The photos above capture the moment. I went 4WD-ing on Stockton Beach, Newcastle, in 1999 with the Year 12, 2000 Christchurch St Ives leaders [Clarkey, Simon, Emma, Helen, Kylie and Deb].

We were driving right along the beach front – like they do in the 4WD advertisements. I did not see the place in the beach where all the water was draining out into the surf. But when the Pajero hit that point, the car simply stopped dead. Then my wheels spun in the ‘quicksand’ as though my car was in neutral.

“It’s all good”, I tell myself.

Even as we dug for an hour [well – Clarkey did most of the work], and even as the ocean was swirling in around my car, and even as an experienced 4WDer said to me: “Mate, that car will be dragged away to sea within an hour”, I kept saying to myself: “It’s all good.”

It was only once I had come to terms with my loss that a tractor [from a nearby sand quarry] came to my rescue.

It's rare to feel so good.

And it only cost me a case of VB instead of $$$$$$$$.

I like redemption.

Love, Justin.

PS Emma C – your comment on my previous post is correct: due to the whole issue of being above reproach, Clarkey, Simon and I did indeed sleep on a traffic island in our swags. Tidy.


lunch said...

If you ever go to Fraser Island you have to take a few minutes to look over the wall of photos in the service station at Rainbow Beach. They show many of the 4WDS that didn't make it back, getting swept out to sea as they tried to make it past the many rocky outcrops on the island when the tide was too high.

It's enough to make a grown man cry.

You were lucky.

Em said...

The fact that it was a Sunday and there was a tractor even near the beach was truly amazing!
I seem to recall that this car was only a matter of weeks old.
I think you handled the situation extremely calmly Justin - and I would know as I was in the passenger seat when it all went down...

Dan said...

Hi J
Thx for the bday wishes! (How'd you know?)

Do you mind linking our other blog site rather than my MTS one.....its still got a bit more work to do on it and I'll put the link off our family one


Justin said...


How do I know? Cos the world is full of love! :)

Link has been changed.


Sharon said...

ahhhhhh, stockton beach, haven't thought of that place in years, funny what we forget to remember. My first big holiday away from home without any adults was camping at the stockton beach caravan park with my friend Kim when i was 14.....we lived on cornflakes for about 3 days!

This Sunday I will have been a chritian for 20 years!
lots of love to you all - S xx

sharon said...

I mean....Christian!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, I keep looking on here for an easter post :) ... i know its a busy time! Newtown small group leaders have your bible study series you posted! Thank you (from Rob).

The Pocknalls said...

I like the story Justin. Very funny.

Kat B. said...

Hey Justin! Just a post to let you know I found the blog. I have very little to contribute to this particular post, but thought you'd be interested to know that your news is now reaching Canberra. :)

YSIC - Kat