Tuesday, April 25, 2006

World Leaders the Boy can pick [Poll Completed]

Boris Yelstin is The Boy’s latest world leader to enter his sphere of consciousness. For my birthday, Laurel gave me a set of Russian Doll Soviet Leaders. The Boy points to the biggest Doll and says his name.

Take a look at the Russian Dolls. Anyone pick anything Orwellian about them? [Look Closely now.]

I like the fact that they are Soviets. The Boy likes the fact that the dolls fit inside of each other. Therein lies the difference between him and me.
However, the The Poll results are now in. Your Results were:

1. Abe Lincoln 42.31%
2. Winston Churchill 30.77%
3. Robert Menzies 7.69%
4. Ronald Reagan 19.23%

The answer is: The Boy can pick out Sir Winston Churchill.
And here is what he does: He finds his favourite book: Peepo. He opens up to the page below, and then he points to the tiny tiny picture frame [look closely again] behind the ‘father-figure’, and declares: “Churchill”.

Love, Justin and Laurel.


jodi mclaren said...

i want to say "they all look like pigs" but that sounds a little rude...
happy ex birthday - so great to see happy photos of you and the boy.
luv to laurel and the girl too

Scott said...

My kid can't pick out world leaders buthe did fart in the bath the other day. Does that count?

Em said...

1. Where would one find Russian World leader Babbushka Dolls? I can't believe that you found them Laurel. Perfect gift for Justin though.
2. The 'boy' is very smart. And he's not even 2 yet! Wow! And he has a very smart hair cut.

Justin said...

Jodi -- Close, but no cigar. Anyone else to guess why it is Orwellian?

Scott -- LOL.

Em --
1. At an Atlanta estate sale - Since 'you can't take it with you', you have to pass it on. She bought me these Babbushka Dolls and four TIME Magazines from WW2.
2. He can say these things, but most of the time he is doing what Scott's kid does in the bath. He's still a two year old. A cute two year old, but two nonetheless.

Megs said...

I think it's Orwellian because they look like pigs. (sorry.)
And The Boy, i am GLAD, boy am i glad, that the world leader you recognised wasn't ronald reagan!
someone small wants to write her name... eomyn
now, justin and laurel, i'll need to know when xmas card time comes around. (well, ok, it's been some years since i've sent anyone a xmas card, but this year may be different! in fact, i shall send you a xmas card if you furnish me with your address and THE BOY and THE GIRL's names!
I love the Sinclair story.

chelsea said...

oh my gosh justin, i loved that book when i was little too! We found it when we were packing the other day haha so cool!

Love that pic of you and the boy! Very special!

What is the best email address to use to send u my talk?!

- Chels

Justin said...

Chels -- jmoff at hotmail will work...