Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Cause of this Fire.

Thanks for all who commented in the previous Blog. Good thoughts, all. I shall let you know what happens in the next few weeks.

But in the meantime, I know that some here in the US were asking about the Barnies building that I wrote about in “My Faith was Nurtured in this Building” and “To whom, then, should I return this Bulletin”.

It would appear that arson was not the reason it burnt down. Just electrics.

You can read about it in the Sydney Morning Herald HERE.

I turned those old lights on and off a few times. But , for the record, I wasn’t in Australia at the time of the incident….

Praying for Barnies.

See more of the Photos HERE.

Love, Justin.

PS Go the Socceroos…


Eb said...

Thanks for the link. I remember being there one Sunday night when the old circuit board caught fire during a service. (It was subsequently replaced.)

michael jensen said...

well that would have caused quite a buzz

chelsea said...

I walked passed it the other day for the first time since it burned down...different feeling to just looking at a pic i must admit...

Justin said...

Chels --

How so?

Give us a description.


chelsea said...

good question justin hehe
I dont really know...I think its a full impact type thing; more real.
It actually just reinforced how encouraging it is to know the congregation, and others around sydney, know the church is more than a building, cos when you are there it just shows how temporarl things in life can be, how easily something like a large building, that appears so solid and longlasting, can be destroyed so easily...i guess that sort of impact becomes more real when you walk passed a pile of ashes...
dont know if that makes any sense justin, but there u go...hehe