Friday, July 21, 2006

NYC: Five Facts, Five Reasons (Friday)

FACT 5. The Spiritual Need of NYC
“With the exception of Boston, NYC is perhaps the least protestant in the country. Of its 7.5 million people, just 1 to 1.5 million identify themselves as protestant, and a mid-80s survey of New Yorkers indicates that no more than 500,000 people (roughly 7% of the city) are actual Protestant churchgoers. The great majority of these are African-American. The leading Protestant Church of the city is generally considered the Episcopal church, yet it now has a combined Sunday attendance of fewer than 25,000 people, out of a city of 7.5 million (0.3%). No wonder, to the average Manhattanite, Protestant religion is invisible!”

re Anglican: 25,000 people in this huge city? 0.3%? Laurel and I are here in Manhattan, working with Christ Church NYC because we do not just perceive the need. We know it.

Next week: From my 'Church Planting in NYC' manual: 5 Reasons why NYC is such a crucial investment for the broader evangelical and orthodox Church…And the week after that, I’ll begin telling you a bit about our church and its vision and mission and our experience of both.

Love, Justin.

PS The pic of the First REC Church, where our church meets in the evenings.


The Pocknalls said...

Very formal looking meeting place. What happened to the family shots?

The Pocknalls said...

Hey, just saw you on Megan's blog. Great. How fun to catch up with someone from the past!

The Pocknalls said...

PS: Why aren't we in your links yet?

Justin said...

the pocknalls... good evening. Hope you are all well.

Re the building. It’s doesn’t feel too formal. It’s actually a charming place to meet. It’s a bit off the main subway lines, and the A/C is too loud, but otherwise...

Re a family pics – I started that way, and then realized that the gravitas and needs of the city needed less pics of my family, rather than more. We’ll see.

It was fun to catch up with Adys. We'll see them at church on Sunday.

Re links... Do you really want me to answer that publicly…???

Just Jokes.

Actually, I’m thinking of culling, rather than adding to the links (I’m getting somewhat overwhelmed with how many Blogs there are out there). So all you guys out there who don’t update your site with something of substance and style– beware, you are about to be culled!

Priscilla said...

Justin, I thought of you on I was battling my way across the Throgs Neck...on my way back upstate from Long Island. I looked over at the Manhattan Skyline and I thought, "Somewhere over there is that Australian minister named, Justin."

God bless you in your ministry!

The Borg said...

No pressure, but I'm looking forward to the five reasons.

Justin said...

Priscilla -- thank you! If you saw the UN, then you saw where I may have been. I work close by the UN.

Borg -- your wish has been granted. See the next post.

Priscilla said...

I'll be heading back down that way in October for my niece's wedding. I'll be sure to wave next time!