Wednesday, July 19, 2006

NYC: Five Facts, Five Reasons (Wednesday)

FACT 3. Diversity of NYC
New York City is really an interlocking network of major cites. In it lies a Dominican City of 500,000 in Upper Manhattan, a West Indian City of 800,000 in Brooklyn, a Haitian city of 200,000, a Columbian city of 200,000 in Queens, two Chinatowns of over 100,000 each in lower Manhattan and Flushing, and centers of 80,000 Greeks in Astoria, 50,000 Russians in Brighton Beach, 40,000 Hindus in Eastern Queens, 150,000 Arabs and Middle Easterners in northern Brooklyn. While some US cities are filled with Hispanics (LA, Houston), others West Indians (Miami) and others Asian (SF, LA), New York is home to masses of each. It is more diverse than any other US City.

David Miles, an old friend and mentor, used to call Byron Bay (in NSW, Australia), a ‘global corridor’. New York City is a global superhighway. Imagine where the gospel could travel.

Love, Justin.


The Borg said...

That's incredible! NY sounds like a futuristic city in it's size, density and diversity.

I love the show the Apprentice. One of the reasons is because it is set in NY.

Good set of posts. I look forward to the next one.

byron said...

Great pic - infra red?

Camel said...

or negative photo effect??

Turning global superhighway into gospel superhighway.

These are very exciting and thought provoking facts.

Justin said...

Borg -- It is incredible. It is incredible to think that there are more Haitians in NYC than there are people living in Newcastle, NSW. I came from Newcastle. It is Australia’s largest non-capital city. And Haitians have turned out THAT many ppl to NYC! BTW -- The Apprentice doesn't tell you a whole lot about NYC! It tells you something about hair styles, though. The Dude abides.

Also -- where are you going in the US?

Bryon and Camel -- Ask Bennie Jonker. He took the pic about 3 years ago. I ought to have acknowledged that.

Justin said...

I should say that I did not come from Newcastle. I came from Sydney [via Perth]. But I did live in Newcastle for 3 years [MTS]

The Borg said...

Hey Byron, just copy the pic into Photoshop and hit "invert colours". :)

Justin, but the Apprentice tells you a lot about how Yooooge New Yark is. ;) And that some of the penthouses have really really bad interior decoration (and hair too, yes).

I'm going to SF, LA, Chicago and Boston (actually I'll be at L'abri). I'm going to Washington DC too.

Christopher said...

Shame on you Justin, minimising your Perth link! tsk tsk

From the most isolated city in the world to the most densly populated.

tondon said...

Empire State right?