Tuesday, July 18, 2006

NYC: Five Facts, Five Reasons (Tuesday)

5 facts about New York City. And then 5 reasons NYC is such a crucial investment for the broader evangelical church.

FACT 2. Density of NYC:
“A comparison: While newer cities (Atlanta, Dallas, Denver) have 3,000-6,000 residents per square mile, and older (Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago) have 12,000-13,000 per square mile, Manhattan has 60000 residents per square mile (1.5 million people), and it is estimated that this number quadruples to over 200,000 (7 million people) on weekdays thorough commuters. Midtown Manhattan is the most densely populated place on earth during a typical workday."

For the record: We live on Manhattan. 7 million people? (Which I believe is a conservative estimate-- Take a look HERE.) Can you imagine the infrastructural headache that this can be??

Love, Justin.

PS Pic is me walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with Kiddoes. (Taken by James Woodhams from St Ives. Good man.)

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The Borg said...

So how does everyone fit in? Do they all just pile up on each other in apartment blocks? So if you have an All American "Block Party" it's going to be pretty yuuuge?

Or have the New Yarkers come up with some new novel and ingenious way of fitting people into a small space? Lifts? Apple Crates?