Monday, July 17, 2006

NYC: Five Facts, Five Reasons (Monday)

I'm reading a Church Planter's manual for New York City. It cites 5 facts about New York City. And then it cites 5 reasons NYC is such a crucial investment for the broader evangelical church. So, my Blog is covered for 2 weeks.

You’ll be fed one fact a day this week. And one reason each day next week.

Ponder these. Compare them to your own city. Pray for us.

FACT 1. Size of NYC:
“19 Million People (SMSA) and 7.5 million within the city limits. New York City will be the only US city to remain one of the world’s ten largest by mid-21st century. It is currently the third largest city in the world, behind Mexico City and Tokyo. (But, as we will see tomorrow that measures sprawl rather than density). You could comfortably fit into NYC’s metro area all of metro Atlanta, Washington DC, Miami, Orlando, Nashville, Richmond, New Orleans, and still have plenty of room left over.”

The continent of Australia has about the same population as New York City!

Tomorrow: Density.

Love, Justin.

PS You get a family pic a day for interest.


chelsea said...

cool pic Jman!

Watch out could convince me to come do ministry in NYC...

Camel said...

That's a lot of people to fit in your church. Your church looking at planting options are they? Exciting times.

PS. Used your talk on Romans 3:1-20 for insight for writing my talk on sin and judgement that i did at Treestump. I took from it how terrible our sin is. Just thought i'd let you know brother. Things have gone a long way since puking in your front yard at my second Bible study back in yr 12.

Megs said...

Hi Justin and Laurel!
Megs here!
We're planning to arrive in New York City tomorrow (Tuesday) and we are very much looking forward to seeing you!!!! Left a message with our phone numbers on your voice mail!!!!!
Here's to the city of 19.5 million!!!!!

CraigS said...

Ok, but how "converted" is the population?

The Pocknalls said...

Love facts. Even happier with family photos.

Justin said...

Camel -- Thats the plan. Tx for encourgment.

Megs -- Shall be calling you in the next 30 minutes.

Craig -- Converted to what? Converted to urban life? Converted to corporate climbing? Converted to worship of money? :) If you mean converted to Jesus -- I get to that in the next few days!

Thanks all.