Friday, February 01, 2008

Nathan Tasker: Demonstrating Integrity and Truth.

Nathan is an old friend of mine. And now, he and Cassie have become good friends of wife and I.

Nathan is also an accomplished musician singing songs that honor and present Jesus to a cynical and hurting world. He was a 21 year old leader in the Youth Group that I began to pastor in the 90s. In our first major conversation, Nathan asked me to disciple him. He is a bold man. I'm not really sure I did what he asked. But we eventually become friends. And friendship, in our case, may be better.

I opened up a newspaper today, and he features in an article exploring contemporary Christian music. Click HERE. Including these remarks:
Dr Evans's criticism does not apply to some of the edgier musicians, such as Nathan Tasker who, said his former promoter Wes Jay from Woodlands Media, is one of the most accomplished singer-songwriters in Australian Christian music. [...]

Wearing black T-shirt, jeans and thongs and strumming an acoustic guitar, Tasker is a psalmist for the modern times. He says he works as hard on the message as he does on the music. "I want the message of the song, whatever it might be, to demonstrate integrity and truth and to show I've thought about what I wanted to say," Tasker said.

His recent album, the self-released Must Be More, has set him on a career in Nashville, the hub of Christian music in the United States. "I want it to be me looking at the best and worst of the world, not just the good," he said.

Buy his albums on his online store.

Pic by Peter Morris from the SMH.

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We'd LOVE to have you come and stay with us whilst you're in the Pacific Northwest Justin! Portland is about 3 hours south of seattle by car.