Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super-Duper-Tsunami-Whatever Tuesday

I'll be watching tonight. LOVE the Span. I've organized to have a night off to watch the whole show. Super Bowl on Sunday; Super Tuesday today. Does it get any better?

I have no predictions about Super Tuesday (save maybe a McCain win for GOP). What I have for you is who I think will win the Presidency in November if the following are nominated as their party's candidate. These are not endorsements either way. They are just guess-work for fun. Here we go:

>> McCain V Clinton = McCain becomes President.
Why? Except Ann Coulter, Clinton can't draw in any Republicans.

>> McCain V Obama = Obama.
Why? Anyone remember 1996? (Clinton V Dole?)

>> Romney V Clinton = Romney.
Why? ABC "Anyone but Clinton". Or is it ABH?

>> Romney V Obama = Obama.
Why? "Who would you have a beer with?" (See Gore/Kerry V Bush)

>> Huckabee V Clinton = Clinton.
Why? The 'Machine' will swallow him up. (See The Terminator?)

>> Huckabee V Obamo = Obama.
Why? In the Battle of Charm, Obama comes out one smile ahead.

>> Ron Paul V Anyone = Now, thats a whole new ballgame!
Ron Paul runs as an independent = Democrat win in November.

So... A Challenge:

Take my template and give us your predictions for November. No need to endorse anyone, just guess. If you come closer than me, and you live anywhere near NYC, I'll take you out for lunch on January 20th.

Or vice versa.

Pic on Flickr by Musely.


Nancy & Nathan said...

>> McCain V Clinton = Clinton

>> McCain V Obama = Obama

>> Romney V Clinton = Clinton

>> Romney V Obama = Obama

>> Huckabee V Clinton = Clinton

>> Huckabee V Obamo = Obama

>> Ron Paul V Anyone = Moffatt

Justin said...

Nancy/Nathan -- not a GOP candidate with any chance??

beckalippy said...

Hey Justin! Thanks for the comments on my blog- I will definitely read those passages. I really wanted to visit Christ Church over winter break but alas it did not come to pass. Someday soon. I'd love to sit down with you someday and talk about the challenges you guys have met as church planters in NY. I am taking a class right now on Church Planting. Good stuff. Godd bless!!

byron smith said...

Love the picture! Was that your idea or 'borrowed'?

Looks like you think Obama is unbeatable in November and that the Democrats ought to pick him if they want to be sure of victory. I've recently posted a few thoughts on Obama sparked by the hugely popular music video released a couple of days ago.

Suds said...

>> Romney V Obama = Obama.
Why? "Who would you have a beer with?"

I'd love to have a beer with Mit! :-)

Manny C said...

>> McCain V Clinton = Clinton

>> McCain V Obama = Obama

>> Romney V Clinton = Romney

>> Romney V Obama = Romney

>> Huckabee V Clinton = Clinton

>> Huckabee V Obamo = Obama

>> Ron Paul V Anyone = Impossible

I am a little more candid with my thoughts on the matter. Big Romney guy here. I honestly do think he could and would beat Clinton or Obama. He is the smartest, most eloquant, successful and pietous (is that a word!) of any of the candidates. Unfortunately for him, as I point out here, a large minority of evangelicals are bigots.

MLK1973 said...

Justin, you and my husband would get along swimmingly. Zach wants to have a Election Night Party in November...

Justin said...

Byron -- The pic is great, isn't it? I just downloaded it from a shared pic site on Ffickr. You are free to use their pics, I'm told, as long as you acknowledge it.

I don't know enough about Obama's policies (the US elections don't seem to work that way, unfortunately), but I think that he captures attention. He inspires people up. 'Yes we can', not 'no we can't.' Thats why I think that he could win. And that scares me a little.

Suds -- I would to!

Manny C -- I guess I don't know if they are or aren't. You may be right.

MLK -- Does he want to come to NYC in November???

beckalippy said...

Hey Justin!
I live in Philly. Well, in Glenside where the lovely Westminster Seminary is located (I'm getting my MA in Urban Missions). I love Manhattan though... love it.

John P. said...

I have no clue what will come in November...but one thing is for sure. That picture is awesome!

Benjamin Ady said...

Is it too late to get in on this? I might be somewhere near New York on January 20.

Mac (fries with that?) v. Clinton = Mac (because I'll campaign for him)

Mac v. Obama = Obama with at least 55% of popular vote

Romney v. anybody = anybody (Americans aren't ready for a Mormon president)

Huck v. anybody = anybody (He couldn't even make it through Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Ron Paul V. anyone = anyone (Ron Paul is *seriously* wierd, in the same way that the Left Behind series is wierd--kind of a slightly scary wierd)

Mike Gravel v. anyone = Mike Gravel (because he's got that Zen thing going)

Looking forward to lunch with you. Note that I made the most specific prediction with regards to the actual final contest (Mac v. Obama)