Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First Things Blog on Megan Smith

I have spent the weekend in the Pacific Northwest at a wedding in Portland, Oregon. I'll get a picture or two and let you know about it. It was a fun to be out there with Andy Edmundson and his bride, Megan.

But in the meantime, it was a delight to read the First Things Blog last week. 'First Things' is journal of religion, culture and public life based here in NYC. First Things picked up on Megan Smith's plan and desire to proclaim the gospel in Japan. Anthony Sacramone has a gift with words and insight. CLICK HERE for the First Things post on Megan. Anthony writes:
Megan and a group of other Navigators are in the process of raising money to fund a mission to Japan to share their faith there. Christianity has but an infinitesimally small presence in Japan, but through the dedication of young Christians such as Megan, and the work of the Holy Spirit, the Land of the Rising Sun may soon see another Son on the horizon, offering escape from a “futile way of life” (1 Pet. 1:18).
Have you yet to get in contact with Megan?

The PDF had a small mistake in the giving details, by the way. And it has now been fixed. Click HERE.


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