Thursday, February 14, 2008

Meet Megan Smith... and then send her to Japan.

Meet Megan Smith.

Megan is from Boulder, Colorado. But my wife and I will always consider her a New Yorker. Megan is godly, gifted and has a servant heart. God has given her a great mind, and an crazy ability to learn languages. She just recently graduated with a linguistics major from New York University, and she can speak Japanese like no one I know (except for that Japanese guy I know who makes Sushi on 14th St).

We know Megan from our Church. She was one of only two university students serving at Christ Church NYC when I arrived to begin a student ministry. It was just her and a student named Shelley. So Megan appears to be a person whom God uses to start new things. She was also one of only a few at the Navigators Group at NYU when Peter Trautmann began his ministry there too. If you will allow my metaphor, she is the 'raw material' that ministries are made of.

She's got a Blog too.

You've met her, now I want you to support her. (Even from Australia).

Megan spent a year in Japan when she was 17 years old. And she fell in love with the country and the people. She came to NYU and developed her love for Jesus and the gospel. Now God has given her the chance to bring Japan and Jesus together.

She is right now raising financial support to for mission work in Japan. She will work among student with the Navigators. If she can raise the support, here is what she will be doing:
  • She will be joining the Ogawas, the Japanese staff couple who works with college students at Tohoku Gakuin University, in Sendai.
  • Her job will be to build friendships with students involved in the GUYS Club at Tohoku Gakuin, and through these friendships to build a bridge for the gospel.
  • She will be leading investigative Bible discussion groups and discipling new believers.
  • We hope that the work of the gospel will not end with these students in whose lives we are investing, but that it will spill out from their lives into homes and work places, and ultimately throughout the nation.

Want to read more? You can open her PDF letter by clicking HERE. That will give you reasons to pray.

Megan will need gifts of all sizes, including several ongoing gifts in the $50 to $250 per month range. She also need anchor gifts in the $1000 to $2500 range. Can you be a part of it? You can send a check to Navigators as per the letter above.

But let me make it easier. Click HERE for an online support page. Make a one off donation, or set up reoccurring payments.

A worthy use of your money.



Laura said...

Oh, I love Megan Clare Smith! Clicking on your blog and seeing her picture was such a surprise. :) Yes people, Megan is a full-fledged laborer for His Kingdom. Get her to Japan.

Megs said...

it WAS tops having you visit us Justin! i'm so glad you could come. What was Astoria like? worth the visit? and did you like the wa coast?
and did you get those 3 seats in a row on the red-eye?

love to all 5 of you!

meg (and bens, eowyn and coco!)