Sunday, October 05, 2008

Kid's Ministry this morning

I'm taking the Pre-Kindergarten class this morning in Church. I'm looking forward to it. I do it, in part, because Jesus commands us; in part, so the other teachers know that someone on staff knows what its like in the Children's program; and in part, because I'm a parent, and we want all parents to be involved.

I've got The Little Man and The Little Lady in class today.

Hope they behave!


Pic by SChlauder.


rd said...

So how did it go?

Justin said...

rd --

They did behave, which is good!

We did Moses as a baby, which is quite a gripping story. The lesson wasn't Christological (the point was 'God cares about us'), so I had to 'tell them a secret' -- that 'years later, God cared for and protected another baby, and that baby grew up to save not only his people, but people from every nation. His name...?'

And I had a chorus of answers...

But it was fun. We played 'hide the baby' (no real babies were used in the game.)

Thanks for asking.

Ruth said...

Sounds great. I was chatting with AB the other day about how important I think it is for ministers to occasionally to children's ministry things to show others, (and sometimes themselves) that children and children's ministry is valuable. Bit of a HH of mine I reckon!

Glad your children behaved, I bet they were very excited to have you teach them.

Justin said...


We played 'hide the baby' as a concrete way of thinking about Moses in the reeds. The kids had to block their eyes; the leaders then hid a little baby doll; and then gave the kids a clue as to the whereabouts of said baby; and they go find it.


My wife asked The Little Man if it was Baby Moses that they were finding. He replied: "No. It was a girl baby."

Good point.