Thursday, October 16, 2008

She made it to Japan (an answer to prayer)

Meet Megan Smith.


In February, I wrote this post about Megan Smith. It was called: 'Meet Megan Smith...then send her to Japan'. The New York based 'First Things' read the post, and also wrote about Megan, Japan and Jesus: Called: 'Navigating to Japan'.

Megan was then praying and seeking to be a missionary in Japan.

We know Megan from Christ Church NYC. She was one of only two university students serving when we arrived. It was just her and a student named Shelley. So Megan appears to be a person whom God uses to start new things. She was also one of only a few at the Navigators Group at NYU when Peter Trautmann began his ministry there too. If you will allow my metaphor, she is the 'raw material' that ministries are made of.

Well -- and answer to your prayers:

She made it. Thank God.

You can follow her work on her Blog: Wandering and Wonderings.

(Oh, I'm pretty sure she could still do with you support).


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