Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christ Church Centenary...

Not Christ Church New York.

Christ Church St Ives -- in Sydney.

I received this note from the organizer of the centenary celebrations:
Christ Church St Ives (in Sydney, Australia) will be 100 years old on 30th January 2009. We will be celebrating with a dinner on Friday 30th January and special services on 1st February 2009. We are attempting to contact ex members of Christ church who have moved away and we need your help. We have no records of forwarding addresses. If you know of anyone who we should contact, could you get them to take a look at the information on the website HERE. More importantly, can you simply EMAIL Judy Hughes and let her know if you'd like to keep updated for more information.
And I'd add something -- email the this post to everyone who you know who has been a part of Christ Church St Ives over the years.


Pic is from 1909 -- Corner Cowan Rd and Mona Vale Rd.


Chelsea Grainger said...

you guys should totally come back for the celebrations! :)

Jenny said...

What a great photograph!!