Sunday, November 30, 2008

Joern Utzon (of Opera House fame) dies.

The Opera House is right near where we will live and minister (God willing). It is just over a kilometer (under a mile) -- I guess about a 10 minute walk. You can see it via Google Maps HERE. We will be walking to the Opera House regularly with all our visitors who come from New York City. (You want to come. You know you do.)

Just so you can get a snap of the story of the area, you can read a little about the Danish designer of the Opera House HERE. His name was Joern Utzon, and he died in over the weekend.

The story behind the building -- a tustle between artist and bureaucrat, designer and owner -- has always been interesting since Utzon left the project, going back to Denmark 7 years before the building was opened. He never returned to Australia to see his most famous work.

(And, as an aside, I was there in the city the day it opened on 20 October 1973. My earliest memory.)

Pic on Flickr by Linh_rOm.


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Mark said...

Sad to hear of Utzon's death. I studied some of his work as a student. He was a brilliant man and the opera house is certainly one of his greatest buildings - uncharitably described as resembling a pack of 'nuns in a scrum'! Shame he never got to see it in completed form. Though I suspect that might be the least of his worries now, rather sadly.