Sunday, November 02, 2008

I bought YOU today for a mere $US10:99

YOU was quite cheap.

Am I the first person in the US to buy YOU?

I wonder if my US readers might by YOU too?

Buy it in HERE in the United States. (Or HERE in Aus).



michael jensen said...

Woohoo! A sale!! A sale!

(sorry, that was a bit undignified, I know...)

Justin said...

Just cutting you a royalty cheque right now, mate.

Am I you first known sale?

michael jensen said...

Yup. First confessed.

Mark said...

How did you guys in America get a copy when they're not even on sale here in the Matthias Media homebase in Sydney?

Mark said...

Maybe Michael you could've run with two different titles for the two countries:

US = Ya'll
Australian = Youse

(I guess though its 2nd person singular, right?)

Ian Carmichael said...

Hi Justin

You can link straight to the book (without people having to use the search function):

You may have been the first sale Justin (not sure about that), but I just want everyone to know, I saw the book first! (Well, apart from some employees at the Singaporean printery.) I win.