Friday, March 06, 2009

Cheerios and the Garden of Eden

The Little Lady has Cheerios for breakfast, and The Little Man has Weetbix.

Just a few minutes ago, The Little Lady (L) apparently threw a cheerio at The Little Man (O), and I didn't see it. And this exchange took place. Notice the struggle for her to 'fess up. Notice the skilled technique. L is 3, O is 4.

O: Daddy, L threw a Cheerio at me.
L: No I didn't.
O: You're lying. You did throw a Cheerio at me.
L: I'm not lying.
O: Yes you are.

L pauses.

L: What's lying?
O: Lying is when you did something and then say you didn't.

They both appeal to Dad, and I am in the kitchen.

O: Dad, L is lying.
L: But I don't suppose I am lying.

Moment passes. Dad now at breakfast table.

L: (In voice of consternation): O said a rude word. He said 'lying'.

Dad mentally processing this remark.

L: O was just playing a joke about that.

Dad now staring at daughter.

L: I think that cheerio spilled off my bowl.

Dad: It didn't work in the Garden of Delights. And it don't work at my breakfast table.

A lesson in how to use every trick in the book.

Off to work...


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SeaPea said...

i miss them