Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lent on York>> The Lure of Distance (Thursday Lunchtime)

Today, at 1:10PM, we continue a simple and yet profound 6-week exploration into a story Jesus told: The Parable of the Prodigal Son. My intention is to make these meetings informative, interactive, and exploratory.

Today’s meeting>> The Lure of Distance (Luke 15:13-14) (1:10-1:45PM).

We explore why the human heart seeks (at times) to run. Many of us travel great distances (physically and emotionally) to avoid responsibility, God and relationships. We will explore why the ‘Lure of Distance’ is a mirage, and how to return to the life God desires for you. For Christ's sake.

We’ll also talk about why we take holidays, and what to expect in them. There will also be a short DVD from Alain De Botton The Art of Travel. In other words, there will be much to discuss.

Last Sunday’s Sermon is not yet on MP3, but the full-text can be downloaded as a document HERE.

Please feel free to invite whom you will. Just forward this email.


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Watcher said...

Justin, I enjoyed the lunch time meeting you hosted. I've blogged on it here.