Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sermon Audio: RSS Feed. (And I'm Bloggin' with the Anglicans)

Someone asked me if there is an RSS Feed for York St online sermons. I don't really know what that means. But does THIS look like an RSS Feed?

And I just joined as a weekly Blogger at Sydney Anglican Website. See HERE. It's the Einfeld Story.

If it that works, then let me know.



RodeoClown said...

The feed works well - I grabbed it when you first posted this (and before it was subsequently pulled).

Thanks for that Justin, I thought the Einfeld 'theme' of your last message was both timely and challenging.

Tying sin not being abided (abound? abidden?) by God, to lies not being [insert correct spelling of past tense of 'abide' here] in court was a great way of explaining it.

Julian said...

I am liking it!

Eb said...

Do you think there is much demand for sermons to be podcasted? We publish sermons from our church online, but people need to go to the web site to get this week's.

We looked at making a feed, but the concerns with this are:

a) Do people really want to listen to sermons week-after-week written for the "in church" congregation (rather than podcast subscribers)?

b) Once people subscribe to the feed, even if they never listen to a sermon again their computer will diligently download the file from our server each week.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Justin said...

Not sure EB. Someone asked, so I provided.


Jasmine said...

I reckon poscasting is a good way to force people to download your sermons when you know they'll be too darn lazy to go and do it themselves. So whether there's a demand or not, good sermons ending up on people's hard-drives is what we want to happen.

As for "RSS feeds"... I don't know what that means either.

Victor Tavitian said...

Eb,I went to a church the other day and I arrived in the middle of their series on 'mentoring' - or discipleship as we'd call it. There was no explanation for visitors and very little relevance for anyone but those within the church.

I think that there is a problem with our preaching when visitors need an induction to understand what is going on. Perhaps we need to take greater care to preach to the culture and in doing so preach to our people as well. I think that while there should be particular application for a congregation (e.g. Look at Paul's letters) there should be timeless truths expressed as well that can change all men in all situations.

God bless brother.

Eb said...

Jasmine - RSS is a way of publishing updates to content (Really Simple Syndication). RSS + audio download = podcast.

Victor - I guess I was thinking along the lines of this blog post

You make a good point though. Should we really give people the message "Today's sermon is only of interest to regular members who have heard the last 3 sermons. Sorry for anyone else - you've probably wasted your time here this morning." :)

FWIW It was part of a series, but I got a lot out of the sermon at my church last Sunday on thinking about what you might say to your non-Christian friends when you chat to them. Non-podcasted version should be at in the next few days. (I hope you don't mind the plug Justin)

Matthew Moffitt said...

Some of your talks from EU are being podcast here.