Friday, March 20, 2009

Letter to a Young Traveller: Extra Tip

How about this one?


There will be many temptations while you travel to give up the normal disciplines. One of them will be your generosity to others. You will be tempted to think about how to save and spend the money on yourself. But how powerful it would be if you resisted?

Let's say that while you were at home, you gave 10% of your earnings to the local church, to mission and to the poor. My tip: keep giving that same amount to your local church etc while you are away. And give even more to people and mission in the countries you visit too. This, of course, will require pre-planning, and deep discipline.

Any other late thoughts?

(10 Reasons not to give for travel will be posted on Monday.)

Pic on Flickr by natmandu.


mandy m said...

that's a really good one i think...

i was overseas for a few months over the summer (admittedly, staying in the same place which made it easier...) and i found that a massive challenge, but at the same time a great joy...because giving in another currency just seemed to be really special. Gave me a real sense of our global God! :)

Justin said...

Sounds great, Mandy M.

I was referring to continuing to give in Australia while at the same time giving to the country you visit.

But all good.

Andrew said...

Great series Justin. I think it's too easy a response from Christians or otherwise to tell people not to travel or that travelling is selfish (and admittedly sometimes it can be). Your series is both reassuring and challenging about why people travel (or should travel) and had some great tips for travelling. I particularly liked the idea of planning your sundays to attend a different church wherever you are, as well as the idea of continuing to give in australia and overseas while travelling.

I wrote a travel series on my blog once but i focussed on 5 unfortunate but funny lowlights of a particular trip I did.

But thanks for your series.

Justin said...

No problem, Andrew.

Have we met?

John said...

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