Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Better for your soul than a bagel ever will be.

I would like to announce two things:

1. That amongst The Boy's first 20 words is the word: Bagel. He says it 20 times a day, and especially at mealtimes. I just moved our young family to New York City. What have I done?

2. I wrote some Bible Studies for Lent for Christ Church NYC. For those who don't know about Lent, join the club. I had to Wikipedia it. Lent is big here in NYC. At Christ Church NYC, we wanted to explore Mark 10:1-16:8 as a ‘moment of pause’ leading up to Easter. Craig Donnelly – good man administering at Christchurch St Ives – has put them on the Resources/Study Notes page at St Ives. Can someone download them for me and see if they print OK? I’m not sure if the font is working. That would be a help to me.

They can be downloaded here.

This is for your -- or your Bible Study's -- consumption.
Better for your soul than a bagel ever will be.

Love, Justin.

PS The Pic was taken in Epping 6 months ago by The Wife. I had to share it with the world.


Liesl said...

Ah, he's assimilating so quickly and easily. As a New Yorker, I'm cheering! Great bagel photo, by the way.

jodi mclaren said...

hey mate,
the studies download/print just fine. love the graphic on the front page - i look forward to shamelessly using them at some point! (with all due credit of course). isn't this the one where you give something up? for fourty days? havn't really read the studies but what's the difference between 'Lent' and 'lenten' (which is what it's called in what you wrote)?
now you just need to get the boy eating warmed blueberry bagels with sugar glaced on top and cream cheese... mmm a little bit of heaven right there in your mouth!

AnnaG said...


I found your blog. So I'm just letting you know that "i was here". :-)

It is fab and encouraging to catch a glimpse of how you and the fam are getting along.

Yay for bagels!

Anna (Gellatly - in case you know lots of Annas!)

Anonymous said...

As long as dunkin' & donuts aren't in his top 20 words there's hope for the lad!!:-)

Cameron Pittendrigh

Scott said...

Those lent bible studies look great. Might try them a la QT?

We're starting an easter series here too - I'm leading services for a bit - any good easter intros, attention catchers, ideas for services?

I also want to talk to you more about leading and planning services too at some point

Camel said...

I am keen to give these Bible Studies a look at. I don't think that last sentence was very good english.

On a side note, the picture of the boy in the park - if it is the park i think it is i played in that park at a very similar age.

Eddo said...

J man -
it seems i'm the only person who's clicked the "desperation man" link. Not that there is much to add, the picture says it all and brings back a thousand memories.

Much appreciated.

So are the studies by the way. Tops