Saturday, March 18, 2006


We had our first Sydney visitors to NYC this week: TK and SK came by.

It was the kind of visit I envisioned: friends genuinely interested in our church and what we are doing, and in our home and in our family. Less wanderlust, more faith! -- Church on Sunday; Breakfast on Tuesday (and a touch of the city as well).

Enjoy Toronto.

Love, Justin.

PS TK took both shots.


chelsea said...

Oh yay! how good is it catching up with old friends! I havent seen SK for ages! crazy!
Great shot of the family!:)
Excited to see the addition of a flicker there justin! nice one!

Anonymous said...

1. Is that little yellow gum boots on the boy? Very cute...
2. What is the boy playing with? A tape measure? Nice...
3. I love patriotic feel to the clothes that justin and the girl are wearing.
4. I get to visit very soon. Yay!
Loves youse all

Anonymous said...

em i think they all be wearing patriotic clothes! love it ... love the couches too 'wife'. sorry J, just assumed wife was incharge of interior design. rhea

Justin said...


1. These are The Boy's Yellow Gum Boots. Bought on eBay for $1.
2. Yes -- a tape measure.
3. Of course, The Girl is patriotic -- since she is American. But I could be considered a traiter!
4. See you soon. You shall be blogged into history when you come.


Yes -- interior Decoration is not one of my gifts. But the Wife is clearly gifted. The couch was bought for $50 in a Salvo Store, and then redone for a good deal!


SUDS said...


I don't know if I'm down with the stars & stripes. Esp on you!

I guess you're doin a Paul in 1 Cor 9!

I'm enjoying reading your thoughts/sermons.


P.S. I'm up for a bacon-cheeseburger any Sat arvo.

Justin said...

LOOOve the Bacon-Cheeseburger.