Saturday, March 04, 2006

"The Boy" and "The Girl"

We've been talking to someone here in NYC, and they reckon that its good not to name your children on your blog here in this city. Not sure why, but a parent's blood is 1 part parent, 1 part paranoid.


So from now on, our son will be "The Boy" and our daughter "The Girl". So if you want to say something about our son, you post your comment like this: "The boy is looking cheekier and cheekier every day." Or something of the like. And if you want to post a comment about the little girl, you say: "The Girl couldn't be cuter."

Thats the deal on this blog, otherwise your comment goes to the cutting floor! :)

Eight things that the Boy and Girl have learnt to follow...

Love, Justin.


Anonymous said...

I won't say who I am either. Just to protect my identity.
But, I will say that my god daughter, aka "The Girl", is very cute. "The boy" is pretty special too. Must have pretty special folks.
From "a friend"....

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin,
This is cass. I just read your blog! ITs cool to c the pictures and here how things are going.

Refering to your email...I love that every experience we have helps us see what we are like and how much we truely need to know God and his graceous love!

well I look forward to your next installment!
from Cass

Justin said...

Hello Cass,

Actually I know at least three Cass'! Can you let me know which Cass you are? Cass Hale, Cass Tasker, Cass Moeller are three that immediately spring to mind. Maybe another Cass?

I'm sorry to not immediately pick it.

Thanks Cass.