Saturday, March 04, 2006

Eight things that The Girl has learnt

The Girl!

Yes, that's her name on this Blog. See my previous post.

Eight things that The Girl has learnt in the last little while:

1. Smiling at someone makes them smile back.
2. Being calm makes everyone else calm.
3. That not all red-heads have a temper.
4. If you keep your eyes open, you end up seeing more.
5. That if you shakily hold out your little arms and hands, you at least have the potential of grabbing something.
6. You can't spit out your dummy and keep it in your mouth at the same time.
7. That true contentment is eating one meal, the same meal, over and over, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning tea, afternoon tea, AND midnight shnack, and still be happy.
8. That love trusts all things. With thanks to the Apostle Paul: 1 Corinthians 13:7

Post a message if you swing by this blog. Even to say Hi. Let me know that you are here.

Eight things the Boy has learnt is coming up on Monday! Check back in then.

Love Justin.


Sharon said...

beautiful boy and girl!!!! great blog. can't wait to come and visit you guys, even started looking up possibility of teaching in NYC the other many great places to live before i retire!

We had snow here today in london where i was stuck waiting for a double decker red bus with 30 seven year olds.....the bus finally came and they made too much noise all the way back to school.....and that is the most interesting thing that has happened today. xxxx

Justin said...

Dear Sharon --

I've no doubt that London would not want to lose you -- not your friends or your church. But you would be such an asset to this city and to our little church. And to top it off, we'd enjoy your friendship and renewed company too..

To less moments in stuck in snow with 30 kids...


Jodi said...

i swing by the blog, and i'm saying hi. sent you guys a skype message the other day - when you get the chance let me know about the 30th - 4th so that i can book it away. can't wait to see you guys! lots of love...

Lunch (& Cathy) said...

The blog is taking shape. And looking good.

Lucky for 'the girl' she don't look like you!

Lunch (& Cathy) said...

P.S. Blog still looks too much like Clifton's though ...

The great aussie douganator said...

Hey, nice to see you finding ur way into the wacky world of blogging. if you care to sneak a peek at mine, enjoy. wouldn't have been the same without you :)

Pete said...

Hi Justin,

Just found your blog, looks nice (but I guess I'm not that into aesthetics). If it is all about the boy and the girl, I think all the comments about appearance will not be as bad after a while.

I also like the sound of your church. I guess if I am ever thinking about going to NYC (who knows), I will have to check it out.

chels said...

Hey justin!
I'm here - your site has become a regular on my daily blog checks!
Thanks for adding the link to mine too!:)

And as per your past post, the boy and the girl are looking cheeky and cute! hehe funny that! Both adorable kids! (But i'm sure you already knew that)
Good to hear wahts happening!

James said...

...and then he entered the world of blogging.

great to see the boy and girl are happy healthy and learning.

moff - i could be wrong, but doesn't your name have a "t" in it somewhere?

Cathy said...

Hi Justin,

Nice blog :-)

I don't understand your first post, but the rest of them are great, and i'd love to hear more about how the boy and the girl are doing.

(silent part-owner of lunchandcathyblog)

Justin said...

Lunch -- So my Blog looks like Clifton, and The Girl does not look like me? Hmmm.

Doug -- I got a chance to look at the blog. Huge... I read your words about how you decided to follow Christ. Thanks to God! I was encouraged.

Pete - How did you find my Blog?

Chels -- Happy to link your Blog!

Beasily -- Indeed it is Moff... Or Mo or the Moff-man if your not into the whole Brevity thing.

Cathy -- you will be in no way better off for understanding the first Blog. More about The Boy and The Girl coming.


clarethefish said...

Sorry to make another appearance-based comment but the Girl is starting to look so much like the Wife!!! Both beautiful I mean :)

Justin it's good to see your news, and nice to have another blog to distract me from my work.

James said...

Moff - i meant on your profile...

Might be me... but "Jusin Moffatt" just doesn't look or sound right.

(Note the obvious absense of the letter "t")

Justin said...

James --- I see now. How does one miss this?

Hey -- I can't seem to correct it. I found the error on the profile, changed and saved it. But its still comin' up wrong.

Have to keep working now. But I'll look into it tonight.

Pete said...

Hi Justin
I think that me finding your blog can blamed on wanting to check out the link to Lunch's blog which comes with soccer emails.