Saturday, March 11, 2006

From Desire to Grace

Above are the many faces of the Human dilemma.

These faces go from Desire ["I must have"] to Grace ["I must serve"]?

Romans 2:4

All this from The Boy moving from one extreme to the other in a matter of minutes...

From "I like that Camera"
To "Can I have that camera?"
To "I must have that camera."
To "Why won't you give me that camera?"
To "OK, thanks for letting me at least touch the camera."
To "Hello little sister, can I give you some affection?"

Love, Justin.


Anonymous said...

justin, you are sooooooooooooo funny! i hope church was awesome yesterday! 'the' poor 'boy' Justin - does he know his every tantrum has become compelling daily viewing? (ha ha - just kidding - very cute) I think there should be another post: 8 things the Justin has learnt; and 8 things the Mom ('the one wife') has learnt about 'the Justin'. Rhea

chelsea said...

hahaha thats classic!
poor boy! hehe
Very cute though!
And i have to say, that last pic of the two reminds me of a pic of my brother and i when we were little - he's older than me and looked after me too hehe

Oh im so with Rhea! How are the parents going?! haha

Anonymous said...

Justin, Doesn't it say in Colossians, "Parents, don't embitter your children..."?
Just jokes! I know that's not what is happening here. I recognise free will when I see it. The desire to have something that you just can't have. Then the frustration when you don't get it. And then how quickly the mood can change when one gets what they want.
How fabulous that you have managed to capture each one of those emotions. I identify with each one! In fact I think I go through each of those emotions every day.
Anyways, I love this blog.
Only 7 weeks until I will be there to see youse. Bring it on!
God bless

James said...

Haha - the boy is funny little dude.

jodi said...

what happens when you hold out a lollypop? can i do that when i get there?

Scott said...

Justin, I hope you read this since a new post has been added. I stole your idea and did something similar for Ben. Pop over and check it out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin I love watching these kids grow and learn!!! Thanks for sharing it with your Aussie mates!!! When we're rich, Luke and I will come and visit too!!!

Justin said...

Welcome to my Blog, Luke and Julia!


Toby said...

That's a fantastic illustration of sanctification in a series of pictures.