Sunday, April 02, 2006

In Defense of 'Nothing'.

Laurel defended her dissertation yesterday in DC. It was accepted with acclaim. This is such GREAT news! It turns out that Shakespeare’s ‘Nothing’ is worth something. She will graduate, God willing, on May 13.

We went today to celebrate by visiting the Cherry Blossoms around the monuments. It was so crowded that we could not get out and see it. But we did get some good pics at one Cherry Blossom that we could find! [See above]

Please pass the good news on to interested friends. And comment with some congratulations if you like. [Click on the comments button and follow instructions.]

Love, Justin.

PS And check out her post below.


Em said...

Congratulations Laurel!
That is so wonderful that you have reached this milestone.
I have been so inspired by your dedication to study to get it done, even amidst having children.
I hope that you enjoy your time with the Cherry Blossoms.
This time in 6 weeks time, God willing, we will be in Washington for the Graduation. I feel so blessed that I will be there for something so special.
I miss you all very much.
God bless

chelsea said...

Yay! Congratulations Laurel! What a great feeling hey!
Enjoy DC and the blossoms - such a great city :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dr Moffatt! I'm sure you'll enjoy DC, and can't wait to read the blog.

Tom & Diane

Justin said...

Tom And Diane,

You are the first people to call her Dr Moffatt! A milestone indeed.

Thanks for posting.


jodi mclaren said...

asie from the many congratulations and well dones on 'nothing' (oh the irony), can i just say that Laurel you should be sooooooo proud of yourself!!!! em's right, look at the the things that you've accomplished over the years - all the while loving and serving your hubby and your beautiful children and growing in God (well, ok - maybe the last part is more Him and the graciousness of His HS). anyway...i think you should go out and do something fabulous to celebrate - you all deserve it. xxx

Liesl said...

Ahhh, this is wonderful news! Have been thinking about you all for days now, hoping it went well. Many congratulations, to the entire family!

Craig Tubman said...


Shinola baby, it's all shinola! Well done Laurel, no more nasty requests to edit or retype. Just a big fat certificate and some more letters - that's a much better sittuation.

The Dude: Also, my rug was stolen.

Younger Cop: The rug was in the car?

The Dude: No. It was here.

Younger Cop: [eager] Oh, separate incidents.

Maude Lebowski: [on answering machine] Jeffrey, this is Maude Lebowski. I need to see you. I'm the one who took your rug.

Younger Cop: Well. I guess we can close the books on that one.

- its time to finally close the books!

The Pocknalls said...

Hi Justin and family,
We have just dicovered the world of blogs and are finding all sorts of people.
Nice to catch up on your news.

Jenny and Andrew xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laurel!
We laughed hard at the elmo blog.
You are now a 'real doctor' as I am frequently reminded by real doctors.

Ben and Kate

SUDS said...

Is that red hair on "The Girl"?

I like red hair.


Megs said...

hey Juddy, Laurel, The Boy and The Girl! It's just fantastic to read your blog! I would in fact argue, Justin, that you are more eloquent that Bonhoeffer - at least than any of the English translations of Bonhoeffer I've read.
Congratulations Laurel on graduating!! Yay!!
I hope you 4 and us 4 can meet up some time. Seattle and NYC aren't ALL that far away!!
Remember that 'Stop That Lemming' party at your place? Good grief - that was rather a while ago?!
How and where did you two meet? I met my Yankee in Argentina! He's wonderful. My children have American accents! Ahhh! They call me MOOOOOOOM!! (though I gently remind them that I'm actually mUm!!)
PS Happy Anzac Day. Incidentally, when exactly IS Anzac Day???!!!!

Megs said...

it wasn't stop that lemming ... it was STONED STEPHEN AND THE MARTYRS!!! how could i forget??
my bens commented in the Bonhoeffer section of your blog.
enjoy the gently falling cherry blossoms and the newly-discovered sun!! AND the metropolitan museum of art...................

Anonymous said...

laurel - such awesome news! please give details of the 'acclaim' that you got - i want TO KNOW ALL THE NICE THINGS SAID! no doubt justin has taken you on a romantic dinner date to celebrte!!!!!!!!! good one doc! rhea

nfloridonker said...

Laurel you are so wonderful! What a journey since you started your thesis several years ago ...

We are missing you here in sydney-town, but glad to hear that you are all thriving in NYC and that The Boy can now correctly identify a geniuine elmo and a genuine bagel!

baby charlotte sends her love,

from natalia x x x x