Monday, February 19, 2007

Post #1: Unexpected and Surprising

Thanks for your help last week. Below (and this rest of the week) is what I came up with. There will be about 7 posts. That'll make them more bite-sized. Comments, questions, complaints are welcome.

First, read the TEXT: Luke 16


We don’t expect pastors and preachers to say unexpected things from their pulpits. And if they do, it’s often simply bombastic, or over the top, or heretical. (And they sometimes get a little media attention for it for their troubles.) But when someone says something unexpected and surprising that actually has some wit and clarity. Some real wisdom that has the potential to shape life: That’s what I call a golden moment.

Well...I have no such moment for you this morning.

But Jesus does (Luke 16).

This parable is a strange parable. Its very odd and hard to grasp. Rudolph Bultmann said that it was insoluble. I'd say: 'Hard to pin down'. But I think that it has a terrific punch line.

There are at least four surprises in the story.

Tomorrow, surprise Number 1...



Jim said...


I cant handle the suspense! Great Intro, and i'm hooked.

Dave Williams said...

I like the idea of introducing "surprises" much better than "points"