Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Post #4: The Third Surprise ...

(First read the Introduction and the first surprise, the second surprise and the TEXT: Luke 16)

The third surprise for us is that he manages to secure his financial future using absolutely nothing in his personal bank account. Brilliant. Serious genius.

This is Ocean’s 11, right?

He has a window, and so he puts his grey matter to use. And does what he’s been doing for years: He schemes (perhaps this point is not surprising?)

V3: "What will I do? ... Not strong enough to do manual labor... Too proud to beg"

V4: "I have decided what to do... So that when my master gives me the sack, I’ll have a people to pamper me. And put me up in their guest rooms. And let me stay for a year or two in their vacation homes."

You know the plan: He brings his master’s debtors in one by one. (There could have been more than 2. He could have done this all afternoon.)

Super: "How much do you owe?"
Debtor: "$1,000,000."
Super: "Here, sit down quickly take this legally binding document that I can still legally sign... mark it $500,000."

There’s a nervous second.
The debtor looks into the Super’s eyes.
The super nods.
The debtor marks it.

See, any more than a second, and the conscience begins to dictate your morals. And who wants that in a moment like this? Chances to reduce your debt like this come once in a lifetime.

You ever had this temptation? The restaurant has under-billed you. And you think to yourself, if I pay this quickly, and walk out of here quickly then I won’t have to think too much about it. But if you do have to think about it for too long, you’ll back down and tell the waiter.

You ever been tempted with that?
Yes, well, neither have I…

So the debtor has just 'made' $500,000. The Rich Man has just lost $500,000. And the super has got $500,000 of ‘currency’ in the debtor’s bank. Some chips in the game.

In the story, he does it again. V7. This time the amount is even larger.

You see what has happened? The super had nothing. Actually he has one thing: The ability to sign documents and he had that ability for only for a short time. And he’s shrewd enough to make it work in his favor.

For his savvy, he has people who 'owe him big time', and therefore guest cottages, basement living areas, and vacation homes all over the country.

The final surprise coming...


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