Thursday, February 01, 2007

Link from Tubeo

(Click on Pic)

Craig Tubman -- your REFLECTION on this picture is spot on. (Save the year? You marked the pic as 2000). I think that it was a mere few weeks before wife and I were married in Atlanta.

Glorious times. Glorious God.

HERE is a good verse for you, CT, and for all those who served on that Houseparty.


Steve Ko said...

Hey Justin- great pic of the Youth Crew. Your blog is pretty cool.

Chelsea Grainger said...

that is a great verse - i love been able to do that now with those i have led with over the years, and look forwrad to it in the future!!

meanwhile...can i just say, i love that new profile pic jodi took jman! so you! haha :)

Dani Skinner said...

I think the photo was taken at TC Houseparty 1999????? I joined core just after it and all I kept hearing about was the fact that I had missed the greatest game of touch footy EVER!!!

Justin said...

Dani -- you are right. I corrected that on Tubby's Blog. He had saved the photo as HP2000.jpg or something like that. Hence my comment.

Good to have you over.