Thursday, February 22, 2007

Post #7: Why COKE is more shrewd than the People of the Light.

Hey -- is anyone reading? I can't tell. Just log on and say 'Yes'. Or email me jmoff / hotmail. There are 4 more posts to go (The sermon went for 30 minutes). Comments, questions, complaints are valued. Again, SCROLL DOWN and read all the posts leading up to this one. But make sure you read the TEXT first. To continue:

"I used to drive a Cab in Sydney. It got me through school and Seminary. I drove a man once, who was enormously busy on his cell phone in 1990. (Which I was impressed about – a cell in 1990). And when he had a break, I was making conversation, talking about Coca–Cola. As you do. And he listened to me patiently.

And as I came up one of the busiest streets in Sydney. I pointed up to this HUGE Billboard with the word Coke on it. And I said to him:

"Do you know that it’s Coke’s ambition to have the premier advertising spot in every major capital in the world?"

He says: "I know – I’m the marketing manger of Coke for the Pacific".

At which point, he talked and I listened. As I heard him speak, I couldn’t get over how motivated and excited he was. He was in for the thrill. The ride. And all for what?

Coke! Black Sugar water. That’s all it is friends. You students say how it gets you through exams. But it’s only Black Sugar Water.

You are people of the light – You have forgiveness and grace and hope for the redemption of the world. You have the ONLY way to God. They have black sugar water. But he is more motivated than I am.

Coke’s slogan now is: "Make Every Drop Count". How about: "Make every person count"?

I’m not saying that we need to be into marketing like they are. Or that we have empty slogans. But how passionate are we? Really? This guy is passionate about Coke, and we have The Hope.

… the people of the world are more shrewd in dealing with their own generation than the people of the light.

Tomorrow: Häagen-Dazs ...


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walshy said...

you've got me on the edge of my seat :)

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Tom B said...

Yes, and I'm enjoying this one very much.

Also enjoy the family pics.

jodi said...

ok - haven't had time to comment on the way until now - but here goes! (oh an pre-apology to others reading but i think you'll really be the only one to understand these comments)

from the 3rd surprise: "do you know that temptation?" do you remember the incident with my new red dress courtesy of Bananna Republic (just ask Laurel for a refresher)? Good thing (for me) that i wasn't as savvy as the manager to know what was going on...

from the 4th surprise: "what do you learn?" well, if your interpretation is correct then what i learn is that it seems that Jesus has an (adorably - can i say that????) roughish sense of humour

from post 7: you show yourself as being somewhat shrewd too my friend - because by my understanding, you shouldn't have been in that cab whilst being a catachist at college - am i wrong?

loving the posts - and the structure of what the sermon would have been like if i were hearing it (you guys podcasting?)

love to the family

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Hi Justin. I'm listening.

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Yes, I'm reading

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In between work and sleep and soccer.

Megan said...

yes, especially because i missed it on sunday.

matt&kate said...

Just started reading. Thanks for your thoughts.

BTW The Aussie slogan is "the Coke side of life" - there is so much you could do with that.

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I am all ears. Just can't think of what to comment on.

Jim said...

I'm listening - intently.