Sunday, March 02, 2008

Joy in Portland, Seattle, Central Park, and Yale

A Brief update of some comings and goings:

Wedding in Portland:

I had the pleasure recently of flying out to Portland, Oregon for a wedding. Andy Edmundson was 16 when I met him 11 years ago at Christ Church, St Ives. It was a delight, then, to officiate at his wedding to the beautiful Megan Lawrence. I got to know Megan, and her fun family and dedicated friends. My wife and I had a lot of similarities to Eddo and Megan re marriage in the States . Just before the wedding, I said to him, "Who would have thought 11 years ago that we'd be sitting in this room on Oregon minutes before your wedding?" Great People.

Friends in Seattle:

On the Sunday morning, I drove from Portland to Seattle. I went to visit a church, but the highlight for me was visiting with my old University friend, Megan, and Benjamin, Coco and Eowyn. Very entertaining people. I think I could probably talk to Benjamin for about 3 days non-stop. The other highlight was driving alone from Seattle back to Portland via Astoria, in Oregon. I traveled through quiet forest areas and logging country. Nice. I arrived in Astoria at Sunset. It was stunning. Click HERE to see my Google Map. Oh, and I'm never driving without GPS again.

Snow in Central Park:

It has been a mild winter. But it snowed last week. We got to walk though Central Park after church. The Little Man loves the snow.

Steaks at Yale:

We didn't actually get to go to Yale. But we visited the Yale Club near Grand Central. Rhys Bezzant has become a good friend over 20 years. Rhys was Melbourne, I was Sydney. So our times together were limited. Rhys is now studying at Yale (on Jonathon Edward's view of the Church). Rhys visited Christ Church in the AM, and then he took us to the Yale Club for dinner that night. He regaled us with stories of meeting Hillary Clinton together with other assorted adventures.

I might have some pics of Grace and Sarat's wedding sometime soon.

That's a wrap.
Pic of Astoria on Flickr by Eyes Wide Open Artworks.


John said...

"Mild winter"? It's felt quite bitter for a few of us. After today though, perhaps that's changing?

Craig Tubman said...

Great to see everyone out and about Justin! You are quite the socialite and all power to you I say!

Loved the photo's in central park and yes....who would of thought you and Eddo would be sitting in the US just prior to his wedding.....crazy, yet beautiful times.