Sunday, March 23, 2008

#2- Judas' Easter: Dante's Inferno

(7 Posts on the Easter Judas had to have. The text is Luke 22:3-23.)

What is it about Judas?

In Dante’s Divine Comedy, written in the 14th Century, the Italian poet 'paints a picture' of the layers of Hell. (A picture, it is worth saying, that is far far far beyond anything said in Scripture.)

Who does Dante place at the very center of Hell? Perpetually held in the jaws of Satan?

Judas. For betraying the Messiah.

Throughout History, Judas has come to represent all that is wrong in a world lacking fidelity. Even today: We may call someone 'Benedict Arnold' if we want to hurt someone who has betrayed us. But to call someone 'Judas' is to cut to the heart.

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