Saturday, March 15, 2008

'First Things' blog about Christ Church NYC

Commendation is good. Anthony Sacramone over at 'First Things' wrote a post on Christ Church NYC this morning. Read the Blog post by clicking HERE.

Anthony points out that the "Anglican Communion is quickly becoming a synonym for entropy. But there are still bastions of orthodoxy that unabashedly hoist the flag of traditional 39-Article Anglicanism as it reaches out to the unchurched and the unbelieving in the big city."

It includes these words:

So, as a break from the usual TEC/Anglican needling, I thought it would be nice to light a candle rather than curse the darkness. To which end I give you Christ Church NYC. [...]

So if you’re in the NYC area and interested in learning about the Christian faith as read through an Anglican lens, or are already an Episcopalian/Anglican looking for a congregation that preaches the gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, not the Times, the Guardian, the Voice, and the Jesus Seminar, Christ Church may be just what you’re looking for.

You also can read Dr Paul Barnett's 'The Ten Elements of Historic Anglicanism' by clicking HERE. And also my Blog Posts interacting with Dr Barnett HERE.

And 50 Points for guessing where the picture was taken.


Dave Miers said...

my guess is the picture was taken "outside"

John said...

Belvedere Castle in Central Park?

Justin said...

John -- 50 Points.

You know your city.

Pete said...

Just reading that list of ten...

Is your church "episcopal and parochial" in that it is under the oversight of bishops?

I wasn't under the impression that it was, but was just wondering.

Anonymous said...

what do these 'points' you talk of go towards?

Benjamin Ady said...

Hooray! Justin rocks, as does Christ Church NYC. And commendation is totally kewl.